FAQ about Cash Loans & Payday Loans | Text a Loan

Before applying for a payday loan, cash loan and text loan

Who can apply for a fast and quick payday loan, cash loan and text loan?
In order to apply for our loans, you must be a minimum age of 18 yearsYou must also be a citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand. You must hold a New Zealand Drivers License. You need to have a mobile phone and the account must be in your name. The bank account must be a personal account in your name. Collateral or guarantors are not required. 

How much are the payday and cash loan processing fees? What about repayment period?
You can use our loan calculator to see how the fees change with respect to loan amount and repayment period. There are no additional fees or hidden costs.

What are the opening hours?
We are open for business from Monday to Friday 9:00 to 5:00pm. You can hand in your loan application outside regular office hours but please accept that the decision about your will be made as soon as possible on the following business day during hours of operation only.  Justcash customer service is available during opening hours.

How soon can I get a loan decision?
You will be informed of a decision during normal business hours. At peak times, processing may take a little more time.

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Application Process for Payday and Cash Loans

How do I send in my fast and quick loan application?
A  loan application can be sent in two different ways: either via the Internet (first-time customers & existing customers) or sending a text message (existing customers only). Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions before sending your loan application.

Can I apply for a payday loan and cash loan by calling customer service?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. You can apply for a loan either by sending a text message or via the Internet, please see above.

Can I submit my fast and quick loan application if I have a prepaid or company account for my mobile phone?
No. The account details must be under your name. Please make sure to only use your details.

How much does it cost to send a simple, fast and quick text loan application?
The only cost for applying via text loan is the standard mobile messaging charge from your mobile provider. Justcash does not charge any additional fees for applying by text message.

My husband and I have a joint bank account. I have an open payday loan and cash loan. Can my spouse apply for a loan even if it is the same account number?
Unfortunately, a spouse can not apply for a loan, because no more than one open loan can be granted to the same account. Spouses, of course, can apply for a loan when you have paid off your loan. Please allow one additional business day after paying off the loan before applying.

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After applying for Payday Loans, Cash Loans and Text Loans

How quickly are the payday loans and cash loans and text loans paid into my account?
When you send a confirmation message “YES” accepting the loan decision, the loan amount is paid to your bank account within a few minutes. Same Day Cleared Funds are only transferred during Justcash business hours- Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:30pm - and depending on the customer's bank systems.

My payday loan and cash loan application has been approved but I have given you a wrong bank account number. What happens now? 
We will notify you that the bank account number you have given us is wrong. As soon as you reply back to us with your correct bank account number either by Email: info@justcash.co.nz or Fax: (09)915-0768, then we will transfer your approved loan amount as overnight payment. Please do note that your loan amount will not be transferred as same day cleared funds.
How do I pay back the payday loan and cash loan?
The invoice will be delivered to you by email within a week of granting the loan. You must pay the loan by the due date as stated on the invoice.
I've paid off the old payday loan, cash loan and text loan today. When can I apply for a new loan?
Payments normally take one business day to clear and be shown in your account. Once a payment is credited to your account, you can apply for a new loan.
Can I apply for new payday loans, cash loans and text loans, although my previous loan is still open?
This is not possible, because you cannot have more than one loan at a time. You can apply for a new loan only when the old loan is paid back. Please allow one additional business day after paying off the loan before applying. Payments normally take one business day to clear and be shown in your account.

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In the case of late repayment or non-repayment or full prepayment

Late Repayment: What if you are late with a repayment?
If you fail to pay any repayment amount owing to us on the relevant repayment date, you will pay the applicable default fee as specified in Clause 19.1 and default interest will also accrue (before and after judgement and without the need for notice or demand) on the loan amount (which is applicable to such repayment amount) at the default rate (compounded daily) until payment received by us. Current default interest is 0.5% per day that is equivalent to 182.5% percent per annum. The default fees are zero for 1-6 days from the repayment date to full repayment of the amount outstanding; $20 for 7-13 days; $40 days for 14-20 days and $70 for 21+ days
We will also send by email to your nominated email address a reminder letter (each such letter, a "Reminder Letter") on each 7th, 14th and 21th days after the relevant repayment date (as necessary).

Each Reminder Letter will confirm certain relating to the relevant loan including the amount outstanding which will include the repayment amount, any applicable default fee and the default interest payable and the loan identification number, in each case, pertaining to that loan.

If you are unable to pay your loan on an agreed due date under the Terms and Conditions and my loan repayment is rejected by your bank due to insufficient cleared balances, Automatic Payment, or for other reasons with your bank's sole decision, your late repayment fees will be charged pursuant to the Terms and Conditions.  Unlike some other online lenders, we do not charge a dishonoured payment fee. For further full information about it, please refer to Clause 4. Repayment and Clause 5 Full Prepayment.

A late repayment may also affect your future loan applications to us.

Late Repayment: What If you do not repay back your loan on the agreed due date or 30 days after the agreed due date?
If you are late with your repayment, our collection team will contact you to discuss your debt repayment plan.   We will continue to collect your outstanding loan until you meet your commitments in full.  If you do not provide your debt repayment plan that is satisfied by us or if we cannot recover your outstanding loan over a reasonable period of time; under our fully authority, we may pass your debt file after reviewing your case fully to our professional collection agency that will contact you in order to collect your outstanding loan on behalf of us. This may be reported to credit rating agencies and it may affect your personal credit rating as well.
Full Prepayment: What if you prepay your outstanding loan?
You may pay the full prepayment (as detailed below) pertaining to a loan to the Justcash Bank Account at any time before the final payment is due, without any penalty.  The full prepayment is, at any time, the aggregate principal amount of a loan outstanding at that time together with any accrued unpaid interest, fees and all cost and other amounts then due and payable by you to us in connection with such loan.  To find out the full prepayment amount, either call us on 09 915 0766 or email us at info@justcash.co.nz
Non-Repayment: What if you deny repaying your outstanding loan?
We may pass your debt file after reviewing your case fully to our professional collection agencies under our full authority.  Soon after we pass it to them, they will contact you to collect your outstanding loan on behalf of us.  Therefore, you do not need to contact us anymore.

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Your Debt Repayment Plan

Your debt repayment plan must not be allocated or assigned to a third party for any reasons, without you obtaining our permission in writing. Your debt repayment plan must be directly discussed with our Collection Team only, under any circumstances, without a third party being involved. Your debt repayment plan must be approved by us. Without obtaining our permission in writing, even if you have allocated or assigned a third part to discuss your debt repayment plan with us, we are not obliged to discuss your debt repayment plan and to communicate with a third party. You fully agree we and our collection agencies shall contact you without any limitations (e.g. any communication methods and time & date) to collect your outstanding loan.

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What if unexpected things happened to you after receiving your loan?

If unexpected things happened to you after receiving your loan, please contact us immediately to discuss your hard circumstances. We are ready to listen to your unexpected hard circumstances and will try to do our best to help you find an arrangement that you can repay your loan.
######Updated on 18/07/2016