Bad Credit Loans

Looking for Bad Credit Personal Loans NZ, Bad Credit Loans NZ or Loans for Bad Credit? Just Cash knows you may not have good experience in dealing with other providers, but we believe in second chances. Send us only one extra paper of information, and get the good experience in dealing with Just Cash by getting your 'cash loans bad credit NZ'. 


Bad credit payday loans


Just Cash can provide payday loans and cash loans for those people who have a bad credit record. However you are not eligible for a free loan offer, but you can still begin with a small loan and increase your loan amount over time if you repay back each loan. If you continue to repay  your loan on time, we may even treat you internally as if you had a clean credit history. We have the sole deicision and right on this matter.

For all customers with good credit record, Just Cash's loan process is very fast, simple and no paperwork or fax based. We can still process loan application to those customers with bad credit record at amazing speed when customers give us the following:

  • One month’s bank statement that shows your name, address and bank account number.

SUBMIT NOW(No Employer Contact)(Zero Interest & No Fees on Your First Loan for a good credit record holder only)

Only One Document Required:

Instant Bank Account Verification:

Now, we can offer a simple and instant solution for bank account verification - just upload a Bank Statement!  The benefit for you is nor more faxing, no more  digging through bank statements, no more wasted  time waiting for your loan. Ferratum Instant Bank Account Verification delivers your cash faster and more securely than ever. Enjoy the expereince of our amazing loan process speed!!

We will send you a link to a VeriSign secured login page, where you can automatically upload a copy of a bank statement in seconds. Then, we can process your loan application immediately.

Bank Level Security & Read Only Information:

Our online service uses bank-level security and the information received is read only. No one is able to move money using this service.

Other options to send it:

Of course, another choice is to forward the bank statement, showing your name, current address and bank account number.

Additional fees charged for  a bad credit loan
Pursuant to the agreed Terms and Conditions, an approved bad credit loan shall be additionally charged an extra establishment fee of $20, the same day cleared fund fee of $10 and the Bank-In & Bank-Out Fee of $10. A new customer with a bad credit record is NOT eligible for a free cash loan  & payday loan offer that you can see frequently in the Loan Calculator. Please make it sure before you apply for your first payday loan & cash loan.
We strongly recommend you to visit our Responsible Lending Page, use our bad credit loans service responsibly and only apply for what you can repay on the agreed due date.
If you have consistent trouble at making payments towards your general expenses, we strongly advise to visit the below websites first as they provide their services for FREE: